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This is a collection of some of my favorites. If you like the portraits you can purchase a studio or home photo session instead of buying a portrait on sale at the show. There is a $150 charge per session. Just like when purchasing photos 25 percent of the proceeds will go to the YMCA.


These are images created by combining several photos. Some are photo realistic while others are clearly surreal in nature.

Landscapes & Scenery:

These photos consists of Chicago urban scenes, flowers and insects.


I am a freelance photographer from the Chicagoland area with many years of professional and personal experience. My main claim to “fame” is portrait photography. I love to create portraits in both candid and studio settings. In addition to portraiture, I photograph events such as wedding, corporate events and head shots for professional use. My personal photography work consists of nature, urban scenes and composites created by combining several photos into single images.

The photography on display, for sale in this show consists of: Portraits, Landscape & Scenery and Composite images. Even if you’re not planning on purchasing any photos, please take time to enjoy all the photos on display at the show and visit my website: